Be Kind To Your Future Self

On the morning we departed, my mother stripped her bed, washed and dried the linens, and remade the bed perfectly, as if she were preparing it for a guest. I was baffled. Nobody was going to be visiting while we were away; why go to so much time and trouble? “Oh,” my mother explained, when I asked why she had bothered, “this is just a little present I’m giving my future self. This way, when she comes home all tired and worn-out at the end of her vacation, she’ll have the gift of fresh, clean sheets waiting to welcome her back to her own bed.”… Read More

Love Letters

“I began leaving love letters all over New York City for strangers to find nearly two years ago. Though the idea sounds romantic, it was really a way to forget about my own feelings of sadness and loneliness for a while and focus on others in the big city who may have been feeling as let down as me.”… Read More

A Whole “Latte” Love

We’ve all heard the expression “Pay It Forward.”  if you haven’t tried it, you are missing out on a “Latte” great feelings that come when you surprise a stranger by paying for their purchase. A good friend of mine told me how incredibly good she felt after she unexpectedly sensed the urge to pay for the person’s coffee behind her in the drive-thru line at Starbucks.  When she told the Starbucks employee what she wanted to do… Read More

Would You Hug a Stranger?

She had been shopping the previous day for a few groceries. The store was busy with holiday shoppers with just a couple of days left before Christmas. She finished her shopping and was in line at the register, unloading the few items she was buying onto the conveyor belt, toward the cashier, ready to check out, prepared to pay with her bank debit card. Unfortunately, after each item was scanned, when the machine asked her to enter her secret code,… Read More

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