Day 1 - Be Someone's Hands For A Day

21-Day Inclusion Challenge Day 1

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“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.” –Mother Teresa

Be Someone’s Hands For A Day: Today, be someone’s hands, literally or metaphorically. Find ways to make the world around you more accessible to others. Pay attention to ways you can support someone’s needs — and take the opportunity to act on them! Maybe you’ll fill in for a body function for someone who doesn’t have it, such as taking notes for someone with paralyzed hands, or taking time to guide a sightless stranger to their destination. Be a voice for the silent, or ears for those who may not hear. Or simply make people at the edges feel more comfortable. Step in to translate a conversation for a foreign friend. Make a stand to defend someone being bullied at school. Bring groceries for an elderly neighbor, help a child cross the street, or guide an insect lost indoors back outside. Notice how it feels after, and smile at the potential of a more inclusive world and society. 


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