kindness challenge day 18

21-Day Inclusion Challenge: Day 18

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“Live your life as though your every act was to become a universal law.” –Immanuel Kant

Design For Outliers: Designs are all around us. City planners map out roads to ease the flow of traffic. Hospitals intentionally paint their walls in soothing shades. But not all designs include everyone. Today, research or design a project, product, or social interaction that caters to an overlooked group. You might surprise yourself with the brilliance of it. For example, a tactile watch designed for the blind drew the interest of blind and non-blind populations alike. Educator Maria Montessori formed her education theories out of her work with children with special needs — and her groundbreaking methods are universally applicable for all children almost a century later. One graduate student applied his research to develop a unique spoon to help people with hand tremors eat. Watch as your compassion spills forth into innovation, and relish the possibilities! 


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