21 Day Challenge Day 19

21-Day Inclusion Challenge: Day 19

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“The only disability is when people cannot see human potential.” –Debra Ruh

Make Your World More Accessible: Today, be on the lookout to see how you can make the world around you more accessible through your actions. Be there for an elderly person or child to cross the street. Let a blind person know there is an empty seat available next to you on the bus. Offer a supportive shoulder for a colleague or classmate with an injured leg hobbling down the hall. Speak more loudly for the hearing-impaired, or slow down your speech for someone not fluent in your local language. Go on a walk with an elderly family member or friend and walk patiently at their pace. We hold the ability to make things more accessible and friendly for all who cross our path. Today, actively be on the lookout to make the road smoother for those around you.


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