21-Day Inclusion Challenge: Day 20

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“If disabled people were truly heard, an explosion of knowledge of the human body and psyche would take place.” –Susan Wendell

Make Someone’s Day With Full Inclusion: On Day 15, we dissolved our own limiting beliefs — and now today’s your chance to dissolve the limitations of others! Think of someone who tries their best but faces a lot of barriers in their life, or someone in your daily environment who works quietly in the background. Conspire to put a big smile on their face today. Perhaps you’ll spend extra hours tutoring them to do well on an important exam. Or maybe you’ll help them achieve a long-given-up goal they’ve always wishfully referenced but never thought it would be possible. Or simply shine light on how someone’s contributions makes a world of difference. Compile letters, artwork, or video messages of appreciation for this person, in celebration of the gift their presence brings to the world. For inspiration, learn about how teenage athletes conspired to make their teammate’s day, or when an entire town walked into a closing convenience store.

Image and Text By Kindspring.org

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