21-Day Inclusion Challenge Day 5

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” –Lao Tzu

Celebrate The Pillars In Your Life: Take time today to celebrate the support systems in your life. Our lives exist as an interconnected whole — and in many ways, we stand on the shoulders of so many others who came before us, and so many who continue to walk alongside us. How have your family or friends, community or mentors supported you through crucial times? Reflect on how they might have gone beyond their own limiting factors to be there for you. Today, celebrate all the beings who served as pillars in your life — who enabled you to grow and blossom into who you are today. Express your gratitude to these sturdy faces of your foundation. For added inspiration, share your reflections or read others’ stories on our group feed. 


Image and text by KindSpring.org

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