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Earth Day 2018


Today, Sunday April 22 Is Earth Day 2018, a day to learn and find out how each of us can help protect our fragile environment. Regardless of your political stance on environmental issues, all 7.6 billion of us share the limited resources that nature provides for us. We depend on our oceans and forests for the air we breathe and to remove poisonous CO2 from the air; we depend on the sea and water cycles for fresh, clean water; we depend on farms all over the world and our hard-working friends that help pollinate the food we eat.

Not only does the Earth render to us life giving benefits, it also responds to irresponsible lack of awareness, apathy, and disregard for her bounty. We face the consequences of our neglect in the form of climate change. The ice in the polar ice caps is rapidly melting,There is a massive problem with accumulated trash in the oceans of the world. One of these trash collections that float around the globe is the size of the entire European continent! Countless millions of plant and animal lives have suffocated and died under the heap of garbage that we have left there for someone else to deal with.

But there are things that we can do about it now, as seen in most of these videos. Don’t be discouraged thinking that the problem is too big, or that your efforts are too small. Anything you do is very important because you are part of the life of all who live here too.

So to get started, pick just one of many possible actions mentioned in the videos that you are not already doing, or that you are doing now, but that you could do better. Then encourage all of your  family and friends to join you. Whatever you do, though, don’t think you can just ignore the problems and assume they will go away by themselves. Today, get your hands dirty and show some love to mother earth while giving thanks to God for the many gifts that nature gives, and then ask for creativity and the determination to do whatever you can to help rescue our wonderful planet.

I hope you enjoy these videos that I selected, to present a variety of perspectives from different points of view. I hope you send us a comment and let us know what you are going to do for the planet.













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