Please Share Your Kindness Experience

Soorelis / Pixabay

Kindness that has been shown to you by someone else.

You may know them, or they might be complete strangers. Let us know what specific kindness was given to you, and how you felt about that kindness.

An act of kindness toward someone else that you observed.

How did you feel when you observed it, and how do you think the reciever felt?

Something kind that you have said or done. 

Remember to include kindness you show to yourself, to animals, and to the environment.

*Disclaimers. All submissions will first be reviewed, approved, and edited (if necessary) before posting does not verify submitted testimonials, and is not responsible if false information is submitted and posted on the site.  Your name and e-mail address are required only for the purpose of obtaining clarification, as needed, of the information submitted on the Kindness Experience Form. Your name and e-mail address will not be sold or given to any other group. Please contact me by using the Contact Forrn.


Experience Submission Form

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