dirty dishes

Kindness Relieves Stress

dirty dishes

It’s always nice to find kindness shown among family members, even though that may sometimes be the hardest place to notice problems and do something about it. A few days ago, my step mom had spoken to my sister on the phone, and sensed that she had been having a hard day at work. 

When she got home from work, she gave my sister some flowers from the store where she stopped on the way. I then remember her giving my sister a gentle shoulder rub to help relieve her stress level.

After dinner, my step mother stepped in to wash a sink full of dishes so my sister wouldn’t have to do them.

Later that evening, as we were talking about the day, my sister expressed how much she appreciated all the little things my step mom had done to help her get over her stressful day with cheerful, genuine acts of kindness. I was impressed with my step mom’s careful attention on the phone to notice that it wasn’t going well with my sister at work, and then doing something about it, to assist with those things that really helped.

The more we are present with each other, and truly listening, noticing the feelings behind the words they are saying, the more we will be able to offer help where we can. This makes all the difference to someone who is feeling the stress of the day.


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