Make A Difference – Volunteer!


There are so many opportunities to help as a volunteer, that just about everyone can give a few hours a week to serve in some way.Think of what you love to do, what you are passionate about, and no doubt you can find a volunteer opportunity. Some of the many benefits of volunteering include:

  • Make new friends
  • Teach your children the satisfaction of helping others
  • Use your valuable skills and abilities for good


Volunteer Word Coud


This page will present a current list of specific volunteer opportunities, as well as lists of other volunteer sites for you to check out all volunteer opportunities. You should visit this page often as the list of opportunities will change frequently. Please contact me if you need more localized volunteer lists, or if you are aware of a good list that I have not included here.

Volunteer Directories

   1. Volunteer Match

Volunteermatch logo

By far one of the best, most omprehensive volunteer directory websites I’ve seen, has connected millions of people with a great place to volunteer and helped tens of thousands of organizations better leverage volunteers to create real impact. They assess the skills locations and availability of propective volunteers with the needs of partner non-profit organizations in order to help their communities in practical ways that really make a difference.

Visit VolunteerMatch.Org by clicking on the logo above, or by clicking here.